Bamboo Charcoal Spring mattresses


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    Medium Firm
    Key Features

    Micro Pocket Spring

    • Each pocket spring is individually operated, independently supported, and can be individually retracted to withstand the pressure of each point of the body on average, which provides a better support to ensure good night’s sleep; 
    • Springs are independent and wrapped in non-woven fabrics, without interfering with each other. Noise, no vibration, does not affect the partner.

    Natural Bamboo Charcoal

    • The natural bamboo charcoal layer has a strong absorption capacity, which can purify air, eliminate odour, absorb moisture and mildew, and prevent from bacteria.

    More Information
    Product CodeMCG2-033A
    Model NumberMCG2-033A
    Model NameMCG2-033A
    Length203cm (King, Queen)
    Width183cm (King), 153cm (Queen)
    Upside FeelMedium Firm