Bed Size Guide: Do You Need a King, Queen or Double Bed Frame?

Whether you're buying a bed for the first time or replacing your old bed frame or mattress, there are lots of decisions you'll need to make. But none is so important as size. 

However luxurious your bed and mattress are, if they're too small for you to fit on comfortably, or so large that they take up the entire room, a new bed can quickly become a source of frustration rather than relaxation. 

If you're not sure of the difference between a double bed, queen bed or king bed, this bed size guide should give you an idea of the size you need. Make sure you visit your local furniture showroom to try out beds for yourself and be sure you're making the right decision. King Beds & Bed Frames

How large is your bedroom?


Before you start thinking about your personal preferences, you need to ask the practical question – how much space do you actually have in your bedroom? 

You might have your heart set on a king bed frame, but if that means your living space will become cramped – with no room for wardrobes or other bedroom furniture and no floor space to move around – this may be too great a sacrifice. 

Likewise, a small bed in a large room can look out of place. It's generally recommended that you buy the biggest bed frame your room can comfortably accommodate, keeping at least 90 centimetres (3 feet) free around the sides of the bed for foot traffic. 

Check for any protrusions in the walls such as windowsills or alcoves that could make the room too narrow in those spaces for a larger bed. As well as length and width, you also need to consider height and whether shelves or other protrusions will cause problems for a taller bed frame.


What size bed do you need?


Measurements of bed sizes generally refer to the mattress size, which needs to fit comfortably inside the bed frame. Buying your mattress and bed frame together is the best way to make sure you get a perfect fit. 

When you're choosing a bed frame, think about your sleeping style and anyone you share the bed with. All bed sizes are the right fit for someone, but this can depend on the sleeper's age and preferences.


Standard bed sizes in Australia


Mattress size

Dimensions (cm)

Single (twin)

92 x 188 cm

King single (twin XL)

107 x 204 cm

Double (full bed)

138 x 188 cm


153 x 204 cm


183 x 204 cm

Super king

204 x 204 cm

 Sizes can vary between manufacturers. Check with your bed or mattress store for exact dimensions.


Single bed (twin bed)


A single or twin bed can be ideal for kids' bedrooms, offering enough space for older children, teenagers and small adults. A twin bed can also be a great space-saving option in a small studio apartment. 

However, its limited size means a single bed won't be suitable for taller or larger occupants. As it can only comfortably accommodate one person, it's also not ideal for adults who are sharing a bed.


King single (twin XL)


A king single or twin XL bed offers slightly more length and width if a standard single isn't big enough. This can sometimes be all that's needed for a taller adult who's trying to save space in their bedroom, but larger occupants and couples will still find it hard to squeeze in.


Double bed (full bed)


A double bed is sometimes all that's needed for couples who like to sleep close together, someone who sleeps with their pet, or a single occupant who wants more space than a single bed. 

The main downside of a double is that at 1.9 metres it won't be long enough for taller adults. Couples may also feel cramped by the limited space on each side if they're used to a larger bed.


Queen bed


The most common size of bed used by most couples, a queen bed frame offers more space for two occupants or people sharing their bed with a larger pet. It can also be a better fit for single occupants who are too tall for a double bed. 

You won't have as much space to spread out compared to a king size mattress, but this could be ideal if you like to sleep close to your partner. The popularity of this size also means you're spoiled for choice with designer queen bed frame options.


King bed


For people who love to spread their wings, the extra 15 cm on each side of a king bed frame can make all the difference. A king bed can comfortably fit two larger adults as well as a child or large pet. 

With a king bed, you have the choice to sleep close together for intimacy or further apart to minimise sleep disturbances when your partner moves around. You can also look for a mattress that isolates motion for a sounder sleep.


Super king


The ultimate in indulgence, a super king bed frame is slightly wider than a king bed, but the same length, forming a perfect square. These beds won't fit in a standard bedroom without things getting very cramped, but they could be a good fit if you have the extra space and want to make the most of it. 

However, demand for super king bed frames and mattresses is fairly low compared to more standard sizes, so you'll have more limited options to choose from and you may have trouble finding a store that offers this size.


How to save space in your bedroom


If you're not sure whether your room is large enough for the bed you want, certain types of beds offer built-in space-saving solutions to take care of this problem themselves. Depending on your needs, these may include: 

  • Loft beds – these beds are raised off the ground and accessed by ladders. This economical option can sometimes be ideal for kids' or teenagers' rooms or for small apartments where floor space is limited. The area beneath the bed can be used for storage, furniture or entertainment units. 
  • Folding beds – another space-saving option for smaller rooms or an occasional spare bed for guests, hideaway beds can fold up into the wall. They stay out of sight and out of mind until they're needed, letting you use that valuable floor space for other purposes. 
  • Futons – combining a bed and sofa in one, futons can be used as temporary or emergency beds for guests. They are not recommended as a substitute for a real mattress however, as they are less comfortable and don't offer the same support for the body. 
  • Storage beds – if you want more storage space in your bedroom, many designer bed frames can be customised with built-in storage. This means you won't have to make as much space for separate shelves or cabinets.

 Double Bed Frame

What are the different types of bed frames?


Bed frames are available in a range of styles to suit every bedroom design scheme, but there's more than just appearance to think about when deciding which bed frame is right for you. 

Your bed frame is also the foundation for your mattress, and not all mattresses are compatible with every type of bed frame. Buying your bed and mattress together will make sure you get the right match, with some bed frames being adjustable to accommodate different thicknesses of mattress.


Standard bed frame


Usually made of metal, these basic frames typically only include head, foot and side rails, with no support slats of their own. They are designed for use with a box spring, which provides support for an innerspring mattress. If you have a memory foam or latex mattress, these are not compatible with a box spring and require a more solid frame.


Metal bed frame


If you don't have an innerspring mattress, metal bed frames are also available with supporting slats across their width. These versatile frames are usually cheaper than wooden, fabric or leather bed frames, but they can also be less aesthetically pleasing. They are better suited to contemporary apartments than a traditional home.


Wooden bed frame


If you like the traditional or rustic look, wooden bed frames offer firm support for a mattress with rails around all four sides and slats across the width. Wooden bed frames made from high quality timber are generally more expensive and heavier than metal frames and may be difficult to move yourself.


Fabric bed frame


If you love the plush look, an upholstered bed frame can set the perfect mood for a peaceful sleep. Fabric bed frames are covered from top to toe in soft but study fabric over padding. They come in a wide range of styles that can include headboards, storage solutions and electric or hydraulic power beds. Fabric headboards make a comfortable backrest for sitting up in bed. 


Leather bed frame


Luxury leather bed frames have timeless appeal and will stand the test of time. Whether you prefer a black, white, cream or brown leather bed frame, these beds come in a variety of natural tones to fit in with almost any design scheme. These durable bed frames can be customised with storage and power options to create a bed fit for a king or queen. 

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