Massage Chair Aid Sleeping (Blue)



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    Special Notes
    • Availability: 12-16 weeks lead time. Order online or in store.
    • 2 Years Product Warranty, see our T&Cs for more details.
    Key Features
    • Charging by USB
    • LED breathing light
    • Embedded speaker
    • Two-stage arm airbag
    • Sleep program with sleeping music
    • Manual storage bag
    • Folding headrest
    • A type start button
    • Planter scraping
    • Non-polar telescopic length of shank is 150mm
    • The length of LS type super long guid rail is 1350mm
    More Information
    Product CodeGZZ1-007
    Model Number GZZ1-007
    Model NameGZZ1-007
    Dimension (Upright Position)80*149*122.5CM
    Gross Weight100kg
    Net Weight86.5kg
    Power Consumption150W
    Air Pressure0.02-0.028MPa