Natural Latex Mattress


    Key Features

    BekaertĀ® Steel Wire Knit Fabric (Belgium)

    • Soft
    • Skin-friendly
    • Dry and breathable
    • Antibacterial and anti-mite
    • Hypo-allergenic

    Natural Wool

    • Natural and environmental friendly, soft and comfortable; natural wool can absorb body moisture equivalent to 30% of its own weight; at the same time, the insulation performance is 6 to 10 times that of ordinary fibres, ensuring a comfortable human sleep temperature

    Natural Latex

    • One of the finest natural products in the world. Precious gift from our mother nature
    • Providing the perfect balance of comfort and support. No other material can match natural latex in giving your body the ideal pressure relief and conforms naturally to our body contour.
    • Naturally anti-bacterial and non-allergenic.
    • Bodily heat is easily dispersed while sleeping on natural latex mattress. This is because the structure of the latex cells is open and interconnected, unlike the conventional foam properties.
    • No sleep disturbance, minimal partner disturbance, enjoy a restful slumber every night. As each point of the latex surface reacts to weight and pressure independently.
    • Environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

    Seven-Zone Independent Pocket Spring

    • In accordance with the ergonomic design, the head, shoulders, back, waist, hip, thighs and calves of the human body are respectively supported, which makes the contact between the mattress and the human body more delicate and provides better support;
    • Each spring can be independently retracted, provides the most adaptable support for the body curve, reducing the number of turns during sleep;
    • Single spring wrapped with non-woven fabrics, without disturbing each other, creating an uninterrupted, silent, high-quality sleep.
    More Information
    Product CodeErie
    Model NumberMCD1-928
    Model NameErie
    Length203cm (King, Queen)
    Width183cm (King), 153cm (Queen)
    Upside FeelMedium