Talalay Natural Latex


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    Medium Firm
    Key Features

    German AGRO Pocket Innersprings

    • Adopt the German AGRO Pocket Innersprings, these innersprings combine high technical standards with small physical dimensions, which provides Enormous point elasticity for ideal comfort.

    The Netherlands Talalay Natural Latex

          Imported from the Netherlands, the Talalay Natural Latex has the following features:

    • Pure Natural, derived from the rubber tree.
    • Supportive. Optimal spinal alignment and pressure point relief.
    • Feels like sleeping on air. Buoyant. Soft yet supportive.
    • Highly breathable because of open cells. Optimal ventilation.
    • Easy to turn, free movement, without partner disturbance.
    • You feel hugged. It embraces you. High pressure relief.
    • Consistent feel. Keeps you warm during winter and cold during summer.
    • Hypo-allergenic. Dust mite resistant. Naturally antibacterial.
    • Light latex smell, No harmful off-gassing. Free of toxic chemicals.
    • Highly durable, round cells always bounce back into its original shape.

    Belgium Lava Knitted Fabric

    • The knitted fabric is a cloth woven from the plant fibre of the Belgian company LAVA. It provides high strength and comfort feel.
    More Information
    Product CodeMCD1-006(6Q)
    Model NumberMCD1-006(6Q)
    Model NameMCD1-006(6Q)
    Length203cm (King, Queen)
    Width183cm (King), 153cm (Queen)
    Upside FeelMedium Firm